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Garage Rental Agreement

Renting Out a Garage ?

Most landlords neglect to protect themselves when renting out a garage. Why? Many landlords feel that because the rent is low, it's "NO BIG DEAL. It's no big loss... It doesn't need to be in writing... It's just a garage...." The LPA says WRONG.

The LPA Garage & Storage Rental Agreement covers landlords legally for garage tenancies, whether the occupant is an antique car or someone's old photo albums and furniture.

Frequently, rental homes have an attached or detached garage which is almost always included in the rental at no extra charge. Itís no longer unusual for a property owner to rent out a garage as an independent rental.

But, just like any other real estate rental, you should protect yourself with a written agreement.

The LPA Garage Rental Agreement outlines the main points of your contract with the tenant while including certain key landlord protection leasing elements.

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