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Grounds Violation Notice - Lease Enforcement

Grounds Violation Notice

Do your rentals look like rentals? grounds violation notice

The Grounds Violation Notice is used to get the tenant to live up to his agreement to properly maintain the grounds. Many tenants will promise in the lease to take great care of the property and then fall short of really doing it. Has this ever happened to you? Many landlords give in and do it themselves or hire a landscaping company to do it.

Unfortunately, when you get right down to it, most tenants just don't want to put work and/ or expense into caring for someone else's property. Yup, even if they tell you that they love gardening and find maintaining the grounds a therapeutic hobby. How many times have we heard that?

How to Explain Required Ground Maintenance to Tenants

Your new LPATM lease provides a detailed clause concerning grounds. Many leases do. It is essential that we explain to the new tenant at lease signing the importance of agreements contained in the lease, such as the grounds maintenance section. They must be told that you wish to rent the premises to someone who will show a pride and responsibility in their home like a homeowner would. They must be told that a violate any of these maintenance agreements, you will notify them with a violation notice (possibly with a Violation Penalty Fine)and give them a chance to correct the problem before having it done on their behalf at their expense at top dollar prices.

Options for Grounds Violations

The Grounds Violation Notice will give the owner the option of allowing the tenant to do a better job, or contract a service to properly maintain the grounds.

This is a useful tool to protect your property from neglect when you find your tenant is not maintaining the grounds as agreed.

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