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Rental Verification Form

Rental Verification Form
With Landlord Reference

Verify the applicant's current and previous landlord reference.

rental verification form

Landlord Wisdom

Most often, landlords simply call the landlord reference listed on the rental application for verification of the tenant's rental reference. It is not unusual for a property manager or private landlord to be hesitant to release information about the tenant for fear of violating the tenant's privacy. A signed LPA Rental Application by the tenant may authorize you to contact the landlord reference, but some managers will not to release any tenant information without a written rental verification form.

How to Use the Rental Verification Form

The Tenancy Verification Request form allows you to request a tenant authorized written verification of tenancy from the tenant's current or past landlord(s). This authorizes the landlord or property manager to share confidential information such as income with the prospective new landlord or property manager.

Some of the questions a completed Tenancy Verification Request verification will answer are about:

  • Rent Payment habits
  • Lease violation(s)
  • Security deposit
  • Eviction

The form is word processor friendly, downloadable and editable in MS Word and Adobe PDF.

Part of the Essential Forms Package

This form is a part of the Essential Forms package along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership.

Other Landlord Forms

People who use the Tenancy Verification Request also use the LPA Rental Application and the Landlord Reference Qualifier form.

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