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Late Rent Fee Notice

Late Rent Fee Notice

How many times have you received late rent without a late fee? late rent fee notice

This late rent fee notice reminds the tenant that the rent was paid late and that a late fee is still due.

An Honest Mistake?

Some tenants may honestly forget their agreements in the lease and need to be reminded. Many tenants like to test the landlord, especially in the beginning of the lease term- just to see how far they can go. This is when we must be vigilant and notify the tenant immediately of overdue rent and the late penalty. It is very common for the tenant to pay the rent a few days late and conveniently forget the late charge. They may think that we'll conveniently forget also, or be embarrassed to ask about the late fee.

They may feel that we should appreciate the very fact that they paid their rent at all.

They may be hoping we're too timid or afraid to enforce our agreed lease terms. It is imperative to notify tenants immediately of penalties due.

Landlord Tip

Past due penalties can become added rent, which can put their lease in default status. We want to help them keep their lease in good standing. We want to help them keep their word and their signatures in good standing, too.

Late fees are an incentive to pay rent promptly. They are an excellent way to train a tenant to prioritize the rent payment. Never hesitate to collect your late fees!

notice period list FREE State Late Fee Limits Chart (Maximum Late Fee a Landlord may charge) (UPDATED AUGUST 2022)

Legal Disclaimer

Part of the Essential Forms Package

This form is a part of the Essential Forms package along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership. late rent fee notice

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