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Lease Obligations Reminder to Tenant

Did the Tenants Forget Their Responsibilities?

Lease Obligations Reminder NoticeFact: As time passes, it is common for tenants to forget some of the details and obligations they've agreed to in their lease agreement contracts. Landlords should be ready to enforce the terms of the lease whenever the tenants forget or neglect their responsibilities.

Many landlords will purposely overlook or ignore small violations or tenant ignorance of the agreement in order to avoid "making waves" in the tenancy.

The Lease Obligations Reminder Letter allows the landlord to enforce the terms of the lease by politely bringing the tenant's attention to certain items and covenants in the lease agreement that may have been overlooked or forgotten about.

It is important to enforce the rental contract terms as soon as it is apparent that the tenant is not understanding his or her responsibilities.

  • The Lease Obligations Reminder Letter appears to be a standard periodical letter sent to all your tenants from management to point out some important items for the tenants to keep in mind.
  • The letter helps keep the tenants in compliance with certain lease clauses. A small checklist of LPA Lease clauses are mentioned in the letter, such as:
    • Renters Insurance
    • Appliance Maintenance Service Contract
    • Grounds Maintenance Contract
    • etc.
    but can easily be edited to suit your particular situation.
  • It also provides a warning of lease violations and possible penalty fees.

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