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Dishonored Check Notice - Rent Collection Form

Dishonored Check Notice

Do Your Tenants’ Rent Checks Bounce?
Dishonored Check Notice

One fact of being in the landlord business is that rent checks will occasionally bounce. When that happens, you, the landlord will probably not find out the rent check was returned until 3 or 4 weeks later, depending on how efficient your bank is.
How does that concern the tenancy? It means the rent is approximately 3 -4 weeks late, plus you’ve incurred bank charges on top of it.

How to Use this Form

Like a late rent notice, the LPA Dishonored Check Notice will inform the tenant that the rent check was returned for insufficient funds. It will ask for the balance due along with any applicable bounced check charges, late fees, and daily late charges as agreed in your lease.

Landlord Tips

Remember, a bounced check can cause the rent to be extremely late, thereby placing you at a point in time where you may normally begin eviction proceedings, so it is important to jump on this immediately. The LPA recommends that you check your bank account often to discover bad checks as soon as possible.

The LPA Dishonored Check Notice also contains a checkbox for the option to inform the tenant that personal checks will no longer be an acceptable form of rent payment and that they must now pay the rent in the form of postal money order, certified bank check or cash (cash only if you collect rent in person).

The LPA also recommends that when you send a notice like this to the tenant, it is a good idea to copy and paste the late fee and bounced check clause from your LPA Lease to the bottom of the form to show the tenant the penalty fees they agreed to in their lease.

Part of the Essential Forms Package

This form is a part of the Essential Forms package along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership.

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