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Landlord Reference Check - Tenant Screening

Is the Landlord Reference really the tenant's landlord?

Did you ever think the landlord reference the tenant gives you on your rental application might be false? That's why you need the landlord reference check. Unfortunately, it is very common for a rental applicant to offer up a fake landlord reference, especially when he does not want you to hear what that landlord has to say about him!

Landlord Wisdom

I've always checked our county tax records for the owner of the rental property to see if they match up and sometimes the public record lists the owner's phone number, but not always.

Landlord Reference check

How to Use the Landlord Reference Check

The purpose of The Landlord Reference Qualifier is to help you to determine if the information being given to you by the tenants' current or past landlord is the truth. This screening technique has been successfully tested over time by professional landlords.

By asking certain targeted questions, you will be able to spot a false reference much easier.

An imposter most likely will not be able to answer anything more than the most basic and obvious questions that he or she may have been briefed on. The Landlord Reference Qualifier provides you with an easy-to-use barrage of simple, friendly key questions aimed at getting you the truth. In downloadable MS Word format, the form can be easily customized.

Not only will you easily spot an imposter, but you'll also get better information from the true landlord reference! If you hit the jackpot and determine a reference to be a fake, you are victorious. You've just saved yourself an incredible amount of heartache and money. You are then free to accept the right tenant.

The Landlord Reference Check Saves You Money

(Some of us have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years due to accepting bad tenants! That's why screening is so important.)

Part of the Essential Forms Package

All forms are a part of the Essential Forms package along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership.

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