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Satellite Dish Addendum

Satellite Dish Addendum

Somebody drilling holes in your roof and siding? Is it a professional job or are they damaging your property?
satellite dish addendum

How to Use the Satellite Dish Addendum

The Landlord Protection Agency’s Satellite Dish addendum is an excellent addition to many leases and rental agreements in the event you decide to allow the tenant the option of having cable television or a satellite dish antenna installed on your rental property.

This document protects the landlord by making the tenant responsible for any damages to the property from the drilling of holes through interior walls, ceilings and exterior roofing and siding.

It is reasonable to allow the tenant the option of these amenities at their own expense, but very often the landlord will suffer damages as a result of these services after the tenant leaves. It's not uncommon for tenants to decide they'd like to bring their satellite dish and cable wire with them when they move to their next home. Why not, they think, " It's ours. We paid for it. Why let the landlord keep it?"
Well, lots of damages and leaks happen when tenants start ripping out wires and satellite dishes from rooves and siding.

The Satellite Dish / Cable TV Addendum will help you make sure the installation of these services will be done carefully and professionally.

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