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Soft Collection Letter | Account Status Notification

Soft Collection Letter

Are Your Tenants IN ARREARS?

The Account Status Notification is a soft collection letter and helps keep your collection efforts organized while you try to bring your struggling tenant accounts back in good standing. soft collection letter

We should never let a tenant get behind in the rent or other charges, right? We are professional landlords and we know better than to let this happen, right? Why then does it happen anyway sometimes???

Using the LPA Urgent Late Notice as a model, I was able to tailor this form to suit my purposes to achieve the results I wanted.

How to Use this Form

The Account Status Notification easily updates the tenant of their account status, reminds them of any past due balances such as unpaid late fees, attorney fees, other unpaid charges, etc. and alerts them if legal action is pending.

It should be noted that if your lease provides for certain past due items be classified as "Additional Rent" or "Added Rent", the Account Status Notification can be used to show how you have used the most current payment to apply funds to the oldest charges owed first. This is much better to do during the tenancy, rather than in court during an eviction.
Why? It is not recommended to ask the court to award you "Added Rent" charges when the judge is more concerned with finding reasons not to evict over the current rent.
Applying the most recent money to past due amounts well in advance of an eviction keeps it simple and then if the tenant doesn't catch up, you may evict over the most recent unpaid rent, not past due charges (even though you should leagally be able to- Judges like to call the shots.)

The form helps to avoid misunderstandings with tenants about what is owed and when it is due.

Part of the Essential Forms Package

This form is a part of the Essential Forms package along with 100+ other forms. You can access all of our landlord forms with an LPA membership.

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