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Lease Termination Letter

eviction notice, termination of tenancy, notice to pay rent or quit, notice of non renewal, landlord forms, lease agreement, rental agreement, rental application,  real estate rental forms

eviction notice, termination of tenancy, notice to pay rent or quit, notice of non renewal, landlord forms, lease agreement, rental agreement, rental application,  real estate rental forms

Lease Termination Letter

Sometimes you need to tell people to GET OUT ... lease termination letter

The lease termination letter is used to give proper legal notice to your tenants that you wish to end the landlord/tenant relationship.

Because the termination notice is a downloadable form into your word processing program, you can put your own letterhead on top, fill in the notice period, (most leases require 30 or 60 days*) tenant's names, address, social security #s, etc.
Termination of Tenancy Notice - Eviction Notice

    Additional Info about the Lease Termination Letter

  • The Termination of Tenancy Notice form also provides for a monetary daily penalty (or "daily rent") if the tenants fail to vacate by the deadline stated in the notice form.

  • In the event you'd like to explain any reasons for giving the notice to terminate, the form has a central area to list any explanations or comments you wish to convey to the tenants.
  • For month-to-month tenancies, you are not legally required to give the tenant a reason for terminating the tenancy if you have given the proper amount of notice. However, the state of New Hampshire and New Jersey and rent controlled areas require that the landlord have a valid reason for lease termination.

  • Because the Termination of Tenancy Notice is a legal notice you may need in court in an eviction proceeding, it should be sent by certified mail and served personally to the tenants so you have proof of service.

Landlord Tips

* In the event you do not have a notice to vacate period agreed in your lease, the state notice period will prevail. In most states, the minimum notice is 30 days, but in Washington State for example, it's 20 days.
notice period list FREE State Notice Period To Terminate Tenancy Chart (For number of days to termianate tenancy with a notice of Non-Renewal or a Notice to Terminate Tenancy) (UPDATED AUGUST 2022)

Remember that the notice period officially begins at the start of the next rent period. For example, if the monthly rent is due on the 1st of the month, the Termination of Tenancy Notice should be served or delivered to the tenant before the 1st.

Also see LPA eviction forms, "Notice to Pay Rent or Quit" and "Urgent Late Notice - Eviction Status Warning" when the tenant is in default on the rent.

You can find out more information on your state's laws and notice periods on our Landlord Tenant Law page.

View the State Specific Lease Inserts to determine the proper amount of days to give notice to terminate in your state.

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