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Alabama Lease Agreement - Rental Contract Clause Inserts

The Must-Have Lease Agreement form...
for Landlords in ALABAMA
Essential landlord rental forms

The LPA Alabama Lease Agreement form is designed to fully interact with and support all of our Essential Landlord Forms for rental property management.

The LPA Lease and LPA Rental Agreements were designed to afford landlords maximum landlord protection in the many possible landlord - tenant situations that you are exposed to as a residential landlord or property manager.

All our forms are instantly downloadable to your computer and editable in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to use the correct state specific lease clause information provided below.

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The LPA Lease Agreement
The LPA Rental Agreement

STATE SPECIFIC Lease Clause Index

Your state may have specific statutes applicable to your lease agreement. Use the information provided below to prepare your Lease Rental Agreement to conform to state landlord tenant laws. The notice periods listed are the state's minimum requirements. (Updated August 2022)


30 days written notice. - (LPA Lease Clause # 28)

NOTICE PERIOD TO CURE DEFAULT ON LEASE: Seven (7) days' notice for not paying the rent- (LPA Lease Clause # 25)

LATE CHARGES: No State restrictions
- (LPA Lease Clause # 3)

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Limited to 1 month's rent, with the exception of additional risk-related charges, such as poor credit or pet deposits.
- (LPA Lease Clause # 21)

SECURITY DEPOSIT RETURN: Within 60 days after a lease ends or provide an accounting (Security Settlement Statement) of why money was taken out of the deposit. (LPA Lease Clause # 22)

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    Article By Brock Parker, Reporter

    Essential landlord rental forms

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