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Roommate Agreement - Landlord Forum thread 192267

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Roommate Agreement by Susan on November 27, 2009 @14:14

My SIL will be renting a furnished room in her home to a girl that she works with. I told her she MUST get everything in writing. I am the landlord of three apartment units, and I use a modified form of the LPA lease. For obvious reasons, the LPA lease would not work well in this situation. She wants to have the rent paid on a weekly basis, and the girl will be responsible for half of the utilities ( gas & elec). She can use the washer, but must provide her own detergent. I told my SIL that I would help her draft something up, but I am not quite sure where to begin. I also told her that a 1 or 2 -week notice to terminate the agreement ( by either party) would be advisable, since if the girl turns out to be a deadbeat, she can get rid of her more easily. I warned her about constructive eviction. She had a roommate in the past ( a friend) who screwed her over, and we want to try to prevent this. Any thoughts would be appreciated. We are in NYS. P.S. she also wants to prohibit ANY overnight guests. Thanks,everyone. :-)
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Re: Roommate Agreement by Anonymous on November 27, 2009 @15:12 [ Reply ]
If a friend screwed her over in a past rental experience, think about how much worse it could be with a coworker. The coworker will be renting a single room but will be responsible for half the utilities for the whole house? If the rent is to be collect weekly, a specific day and time should be required. People have a way of disappearing on Friday and not showing up again until Sunday with empty pockets. Overnight "quest" should be prohibited. But what about those who hang around all day and half the night? Or, those that will be coming and going at all hours. Or maybe they want to watch their TV channels and not yours. Be sure to lock up every thing of value along with prescription drugs. What the landlord may find is that they are spending more time in their room while the roommate enjoys the whole house.
Re: Roommate Agreement by Laura (GA) on November 27, 2009 @17:42 [ Reply ]
I would never, ever rent to a co-worker again. I rented my apartment to two of them (a couple) for several months last year. Things got really, really nasty. They brought 3 cars with them (I thought they only had two, naturally) and blocked up my driveway, they let their dogs poop all over my yard and they never scooped, they filled up the trash can within a day and left no space for my garbage, they smoked indoors even though it was understood that they were not to do so, and they left without giving notice because they felt they didn't have to let me know. When I went in to clean there was cat pee all over the floor and rotting food in the fridge. I still have to work with the wife, but thankfully the husband found himself another job about a year ago. It was quite uncomfortable at work for a long time, since I had to work closely with both of them. I wouldn't do it, and - I know this sounds a little paranoid - IF there's some sort of dispute, I'd worry about the tenant trying to bring personal matters to work and causing difficulties there. My co-workers did it to me.
Re: Roommate Agreement by Anonymous on November 27, 2009 @20:05 [ Reply ]
Really bad idea. Besides the above, everything your SIL does (or does not do) will be talked about in the workplace.
Re: Roommate Agreement by Susan on November 27, 2009 @23:33 [ Reply ]
I know, I know. Unfortunately, my SIL is in dire financial straits, or this would not be happening. I'm just trying to protect her interest from something she refuses to be talked out of. Yes, the girl is paying half of the gas & electric, however, they will be the only two living in the house. My SIL still pays for cable, telephone, H2O etc. As far as sharing the living space, the girl has been told that SIL has a furnished rec room in the basement if she wishes to entertain. Also, they have separate bathrooms ( SIL has a master bath.) There are no pets involved, and this girl comes from another area about 40 minutes away, so she doesn't have any friends or family in the area. Also she doesn't smoke. I'm hoping this does not bite her in the A$$, but only time will tell. I've warned her also that she needs to get a lock for her bedroom door......she hadn't even thought of it. I think I may have scared her into reality a little bit, I can only hope so. I've been looking at some agreements on the internet, so I may be doing a little cutting & pasting. John from the LPA, if you are listening, in the current economic climate ,I can foresee this becoming more common. Maybe we can see a rental agreement for people who wish to rent out rooms, or for apartment-sharing folks. It seems the term "landlord" may have a broader meaning than it has had in the past. If I come up with something worth sharing I will shoot you off an e-mail, and you may decide to use it.
CuxRFeEYfGImm by Eka (qZSXmavtb) on July 18, 2012 @19:46 [ Reply ]
If the landlord works in his prtrepoy's yard that he has leased to a tenant, he has volunteered work at your home. He cannot charge you for work he voluntarily does. Assume he is not a professional landscaper either. but basically if he does landscaping work in his yard it is his expense, not yours even if you have the yard and home leased. Either the guy is a bit wacko or was trying to squeeze more $ out of the tenant. When paying the rent, mark clearly on the check it is for rent and the month it is paying for- so the landlord cannot say that it is only a partial payment, and he is applying part of the check towards his landscaping .Guess you could go over to his house and do an equivalent amount of work that someone witnesses, and then you'd be even!

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