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The Nitty Gritty for Serious Landlords

As an owner of residential rental property, the learning never stops as we continue to experience new tenant situations. The LPA collects relevant landlord information to help you manage rentals successfully. Full access to our complete collection of Landlord Articles is included free with LPA Membership.

Tenant Screening Article makes it easy for landlordsLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #1: How to Screen & Qualify Tenants in 5 Easy Steps
Tenant screening and Tenant selection is one of the most important aspects of being a succesful landlord. These 5 steps to screening break down the process for you in simple easy terms.

Landlord Traps about tenants screening and property managementLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #2: The 6 BIGGEST Landlord Traps
Even landlords who have been around for a long time have fallen into these common landlord traps.

More about LPA Lease late fees clauseLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #3: LPA Lease Clause #3: Late Fees
One of the most important elements in modern residential leases today is the Late Fee clause. In order to encourage timely rent and discourage late payments, you should have a solid late charge clause. Having the clause in your lease is only part of protecting yourself against late rent.

How to sign the lease agreement and start a new tenancyLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #4: Signing the Lease Agreement
How do you know the tenant understands what is expected of him? This article is about getting your tenant started on the right foot..

Dan Auito author of Magic Bullets articleLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #5: Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days, by Dan Auito

Tenant NonpaymentLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #6: What Do I Do When...
The Tenant Doesn't Pay?

Landlord instructions on how to handle tenant's notice to vacateLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #7: What Do I Do When...
The Tenant Wants to Leave?

Dan Auito, author of Magic Bullets shares another article with landlordsLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #8: Looking Inside Your Tenant's Mind Basic Mind-Reading Report 101 for Landlords by Dan Auito

Rent Increase article for landlordsLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #9: What Do I Do When...
I have to Raise the Rent?

Eviction process and tips ny Attorney Sherrie BennetLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #10: EVICTION, By Sherrie Bennett, Esq

Expert Real Estate Attorney William Bronchick Investor articleLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #11: Five Big Mistakes Newbie Investors Make, By William Bronchick, Esq

How to protect yourself when the tenant wants to use security deposit as rentLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #12: What Do I Do When...
The Tenant Wants to Use the Security As Rent?

Landlord procedure when tenant has movedLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #13: What Do I Do When...
The Tenant Has Moved Out?

Wall Street Journal Real Estate Journal landlord article about tenant screeningLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #14:
"A Landlord Struggles To Find Qualified Renters",

By Jane Hodges of The Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Journal.

About an LPA Member's search for a qualified tenant.

Free Credit Reports on tenants and how to obtain themLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #15: How Do I Get FREE Credit Reports on Tenants?

Investor article by David FinkelLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #16: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Analyzing a Deal by David Finkel

Landlord techniques on how to get rent paid earlyLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #17:
How Do I Get My Tenant to Pay Rent Early?

Property management and improving tenant performanceLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #18:
6 Ways to turn Good Tenants into Better Tenants

Property management mistakes to avoidLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #19:
The Top 5 Ways to Ruin a Good Tenancy

Expert Real Estate Attorney William Bronchick on Real Estate Investment ClubsSPECIAL REPORT #20:
Real Estate Investment Clubs--Five Tips for Newbies
, By William Bronchick

Lease violation : Unauthorized residentsLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #21:
What Do I Do If ...
My Tenant Has Unauthorized Occupants?

Tenant Screening tips from a credit report and FICO score providerLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #22:
Basic Tips
on Tenant Screening

Real Estate Investor and Landlord tenant challengesLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #23:
The Secret Career Killer Facing Real Estate Investors

Landlord Protection about Tenants and property maintenanceLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #24:
How Do I Make Sure the Tenant Will Take Good Care of My Property?

Landlord Protection against fraud by credit report expert Marv Steier of TVS Tenant Verification ServiceLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #25:
The Fraud Rental Game
Marv Steier, President of TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc.

Good landlord attorneys are hard to findLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #26:
How To Find a Good Landlord Attorney

Landlord procedure in security deposit conflictsLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #27:
What Do I Do When the Tenant Argues About Deductions From the Security Deposit?

Save gas collecting rentLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #28:
Don't Waste Gas Collecting Rent

New Landlord Article by Attorney William BronchickLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #29:
What to Do if a Tenant Abandons the Property
by Attorney William Bronchick,

Investment article by financial expert Cary LossonSPECIAL REPORT #30:
More Return On Equity For Your Investment Property Dollar
by Cary Losson

Learn the Landlord-Tenant Rules!LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #31:
Learn the Landlord-Tenant Rules!
by Attorney William Bronchick,

Self defense article for women can save your lifeSPECIAL REPORT #32:
Protection Advice
by Shannon LaForge. This is not a "Landlord Article", but is a self defense article that we feel was worth sharing with you.

Rent Collection instructions, New Landlord Article by Attorney William BronchickLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #33:
Collecting Money Owed by a Tenant
by Attorney William Bronchick,

Tenant Moveout Landlord CleanupLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #34:
What Do I Do when the tenant leaves a lot of junk in my rental after moving out?

What Do I Do when the tenant parks cars on the lawn?

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT 36: Lease/Option 101 By Attorney William Bronchick,

credit reports and rent collectionLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #37:
Credit Reports for Collection Purposes
Can I Run a Credit Report to Locate my Tenant who Owes me Money?

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #38: LPA Lease Clause - Attorney's Fees
This landlord clause has saved me thousands of dollars! - John Nuzzolese

SPECIAL REPORT # 39: CLAUSE FOR LANDLORD NOTICES - Automatic Agreement by No Response
by John Nuzzolese

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT 40: Lease/Option vs. Contract for Deed By Attorney William Bronchick,

SPECIAL REPORT 41: Phyllis' Words of Wisdom
by Phyllis Rockower of the Real Estate Investor's Club of Los Angeles
The difference between investing and speculating.

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT 42: What Every Landlord Should Know About Discrimination By Attorney William Bronchick,

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT 43: Beyond the Handshake - How to Invest in Real Estate With a Partner By Attorney William Bronchick,

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT 44: Landlord Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Applicants Provided by Cathy Taylor of Rate-A-Renter

LANDLORD NEW YEAR's Resolutions for 2007

What will you do to make this a better year?

What's Wrong With Rental Inspections?
by Deborah Morris

HTML code for Pre-screening Prospect Card

What do I do when the tenant won't pay the late fees?

Getting Your House Rent Ready!
, A sneak peak excerpt of Dr. Dani Babb's not yet released new book, "The Accidental Landlord"!

Determining Your Rental Value!
, Another sneak peak excerpt of Dr. Dani Babb's not yet released new book, "The Accidental Landlord"!

How to Determine a Fair Management Fee
, Another sneak peak excerpt of Dr. Dani Babb's not yet released new book, "The Accidental Landlord"!

Renters and Landlords - The New Market
, Cecilia Sherrard

6 Ways to Get a Mortgage More Easily In Today's Crazy Market
, By Dani Babb

If You Can't Sell It, Why Not Rent Your Home?
, An Interview of Danielle Babb as seen in US News & World Report By Luke Mullins

Common Renters Insurance misconceptions LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 4 Myths About Renter's Insurance

How to Evict a Tenant, by Dimitris Georgakopoulos

Mortgage Loan Modifications and Forbearance Agreements SPECIAL REPORT:
Mortgage Modifications and Forebearance Agreements
with Real Estate Attorney, John Reno

Reporting positive credit SPECIAL REPORT:
Reporting Positive to the Credit Bureau for Your Tenant

Tough times can turn homeowners into landlords, By Melissa Kossler Dutton, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Forms of rent payment LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT:
What Form of Rent Payment Should I Accept?

How to Determine Property Values in Today's Market, by Real Estate Attorney William Bronchick

Oh boy, here we go again -- with appraisers... By Dr. Danielle Babb

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Good Reasons to Stay In or Enter the Market Now, by Andrew Waite


LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 5 Ingredients of a Good Tenant

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Triple Play! 3 Great Forms that Work! Free Download!

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: WHAT NOT to Say to a Prospective Tenant

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Rental Property in Foreclosure - Now What?

Accidental Landlord Accidental Landlords: Renting What Won't Sell, by Barbara Kiviat, TIME - CNN

The Results of Initiative

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Red Flags you may hear while screening Tenants

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: ESSENTIAL Lease Clauses that Make Me Thankful

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 12 Sure Deal Breakers When Screening a Prospective Tenant

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Landlord Hard Times by Lambert Munz, MPM, RPM

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 14 Common Tricks and Cons Tenants Use

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 3 Easy Ways to Reject a Tenant Applicant


LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: The Safest Way to Pre-Screen Prospective Tenants

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 3 Mistakes Landlords Make, By Drew DeMasters

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Tenant Maintenance Hotline Tips

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 3 Simple Screening Steps Before Spending Money on a Credit Report

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 5 Reasons Credit Reports Don't Work

Detroit Real Estate Investments from Precise Properties

Things tenants do or say that make you cringe!

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: 10 Stupid Things Landlords Do

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Do Your Tenantsí Rent Checks Bounce?

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Fact: Rent is Paid More Timely When the Tenant Receives a Monthly Rent Statement

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: First Right of Refusal: The Almost Option to Buy

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Building Credit with Rent Payments

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Why Pre-Move-out Inspections with Tenants may be a Bad Idea

Landlord Articles - Pre-Screening LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT:
FREE Pre-Screening Prospect Card

This handy prospect card will help you ask the right pre-screening questions before deciding whether to set an appointment with the prospective tenant. Copy the html code to use in online ads like Craigslist or Rentals for easy tenant pre-screening!

Rental Flow Chart, Prescreening to lease agreement
Free Landlord Flow Chart Form
This landlord flow chart is a simple guide to take you through the steps from first contact with a tenant to signing a rental agreement.

LANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT: Cash Flow Management Tips for Property Managers


Is My Late Fee Enforceable?

Can landlords lose home insurance for not maintaining their home?

Tenant Screening Secret # 1

Kia Ricchi - Contracting Confidential-Understanding the "Business" of Construction

Are You a Virtual Victim of Your Tenants?

My Favorite Elements of The LPA Lease

Business Innovators Magazine
Founder of The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc. John Nuzzolese Interviewed

Whatís Best for Real Estate Investors, LLC or S Corp? By Thomas Franklin

Seller Financing Part 1 of 3: Guidelines For Note Creation By Thomas Franklin

Seller Financing Part 2 of 3: Guidelines For Note Creation By Thomas Franklin

Seller Financing Part 3 of 3: Guidelines For Note Creation By Thomas Franklin

My Tips on Renters Insurance

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