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Re: Landlord wants me to move 4 days early .. and.. - Landlord Forum thread 354377

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Re: Landlord wants me to move 4 days early .. and.. by Garry (Iowa) on September 24, 2017 @16:22

I'm not sure if you were responding to my post to you, or not. But it is the LLs property, and she can use the legal process if he wants to, to gain access. To me, any LL who wants in early to do things, is being dumb. It's by FAR, easier to do things when a place is totally empty, than when people are still living there. It's possible the LL has found someone to rent your place beginning Nov 1., and she wants you out early to be able to fix the place up for the new Ts. That's not your problem. If it's possible that you can be out 1-2 days early, could you negotiate a cash-for-keys deal for possession on Oct 30 ? $50-$100 per day would not be unreasonable if the LL is under a time crunch, with new Ts moving in Nov. 1.
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