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Re: When can I destroy rental applications? - Landlord Forum thread 354478

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Re: When can I destroy rental applications? by Anonymous on October 1, 2017 @14:46

So the point is that you feel your opinion is not getting the recognition that you feel it deserves!
There is a great difference between 1 and 2 property owners and those who educate themselves and achieve certifications in being landlords and property managers. Professional landlords know the proper response to problems, non-professional landlords really just guess and hope things turn out right.
If it were not for the few profession landlords who post here, all that everyone would be learning, would be false misleading and incorrect information. It's easy to tell those professionals from those who lack knowledge as a landlord. They provide facts that can be checked upon. They provide several possible solutions to explore. Their information is backed by law and actual facts. Not by what they believe or feel is correct, but what is correct and the best way to proceed with an issue. easy to verify their information.

"A smart LL uses the material on this form to get idea's and communicate with others ideas that they would use. Period."

That is so true. But the problem is that many landlords rely on information that is incorrect and sometimes dangerous to follow. How does one know when the advice is valid or not if you are an inexperienced landlord?
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Re: When can I destroy rental applications? by Jojo on October 1, 2017 @18:17 [ Reply ]
I think I just saw a big certificate holding ego head, float over my state. No- name, u missing one?

I would never go to court on advice from this or any forum, on the internet.
As stated already, it is best to use the advice for ideas to handle some issues. If someone joins the Agency group, they are mainly paying for application material mainly.
Anyone who would think that the forum is all legal information, would be a fool. And such a person deserves to get burned a time or two in court.

"How does one know when the advice is valid or not if you are an inexperienced landlord?"


You hire a lawyer to handle the issue.
    Re: When can I destroy rental applications? by jannie (IL) on October 2, 2017 @13:54 [ Reply ]
    I have kept the applications for over 5 years so feel safe in disposing the applications of people not accepted for the rental.
    Though something I hadn't thought of was the comment about keeping them to see if they have applied before. -- since I have a place empty now -my notes on the applications may have come in handy.

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