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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? - Landlord Forum thread 354521

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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Garry (Iowa) on October 6, 2017 @11:50

Were the holes in the wall and ceiling there before the tenants moved in, or did the tenants or their guests cause them while living there? If the Ts caused them, you can refuse to repair them while the Ts are still living there. If the Ts caused the damage, they can either live with it, or have it repaired at their own expense. If they were there before the T moved in, and you did not repair them then, you should repair the holes now, without causing too much of a disruption to the T, and tear out/upgrade the ceiling after the Ts have moved out.
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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by A&M on October 7, 2017 @00:47 [ Reply ]
Thank you for the reply. Well, I don't want to renew with these tenants because they are a pain in the *** but I worry that they will cause a lot of trouble if I don't since they have kept the place neat and tidy. One of the holes was caused by fixing their electric and one was there prior to them moving in. The only reason why I don't want to do the fix up is because I want to upgrade the ceiling and don't want to have to pay for it to get an easy fix then tear down and redo later on. I worry that if I don't fix them then the pain in the *** tenants will give me a hard time. And by pain in the ***, they are what everyone calls "assholes". Everyone who has worked on their unit has called them that. So, all in all, I don't want to fix and but they want to renew... so while I know that they want to renew, can I make it clear to them that I won't fix and give them option to not renew?
Thank you
    Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Garry (Iowa) on October 7, 2017 @10:04 [ Reply ]
    You just admitted that the holes are your responsibility to repair. And you also admitted that they would be an easy fix. Even though the Ts are a pain, and you "want" to replace the whole ceiling, I feel that you should still honor their request, and repair the holes asap. Sometimes a LL must "bite the bullet" and do something they don't want to do, just to keep the Ts happy. Treat this extra cost as though the cost to replace the ceiling happened to come in a little higher than you originally expected. If the Ts want to renew, you can tell them you are going to raise the rent just a little (2%), and it will be on a M2M lease. That way, if they decide to stay, you have some extra money coming in to pay for the patching, and if they decide to move, you get rid of the "pain" and will be able to replace the ceiling while it's vacant. This puts the "onus" on them, not you.
    Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Anonymous on October 12, 2017 @14:59 [ Reply ]
    If it's a month-to-month rental just give them 30 days notice. I mostly use only month-to-month leases. You don't have to have a reason to have them move and they don't have to give you a reason. But you do have to give them notice of course as they go you. They chose to move in there with a hole in the ceiling and if you gave no indication that you were going to fix it then it's really their problem. However, I would've had the holes fixed when the electrical was done. I would never rent to anybody in the first place if there was a hole in the ceiling, but that's me. If they pay their rent on time and they are neat and tidy. I guess I would just fix those holes until they move out and then do the entire ceiling. You don't have to do a complete ceiling just because they want it.

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