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Re: Problem Tenant - Landlord Forum thread 354867

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Re: Problem Tenant by Anonymous on November 1, 2017 @00:52

"I consider myself a good landlord" ??? Lets break that down.

One, you have arranged to repaved the driveway instead of waiting 8 months and doing it in between tenants.

Two, you consider a tenant who has been in (My) rental for six years to be stupid, low-quality and untrustworthy who needs to be disciplined and put in their proper place of some landlord/tenant hierarchy! LMAO!

Three, You have no idea of the liability issues of allowing a trampoline on the rental property.

Forth, You have allowed the tenant to, as you put it, to disgrace your yard with piles of firewood, makeshift shed, plastic storage containers and an unregistered vehicle.

Five, your biggest fear is that unforeseen repairs may be needed in the last few months of their tenancy.

The question is, do you believe good landlords allow their properties to become run down and on the verge of being a public nuisance? That they fail to take action when a tenant has violated the lease or damages the property?

Most likely, your lease does not restrict trampolines or makeshift sheds. Your lack of enforcement of your lease may also mean you have waived your right to enforce any of these issues to be corrected, as a good guess, that did not happen over night, but over the years.

Your egotistical idea of being high on that imaginary hierarchy of yours, in reality shows just how uninformed a landlord you are. You were never in charged of your rental property, as the tenant was the one in charged all along. I'm afraid when you give proper and legal notice to end the lease, all hell will be release, and you will find out just how expensive it will be to get your rental property back up to marketability. Still, why would a good landlord desire to repave a driveway with just eight months left on a lease?

You can order your tenants to fix everything, but what happens if they don't or they just partially fix some and not others? How do you plan to enforce that scenario if that occurs? Do you plan on spending lots of money and time trying to enforce those violations with just eight months left? Good landlord?

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Re: Problem Tenant by AnonymousFL on November 1, 2017 @13:13 [ Reply ]
That's quite a condescending and arrogant answer. Well done; but please don't stop there. I am sure you can come up with more rants to beat him down with.

After all, that's why he came to this forum to ask a be bashed and belittled by petty and small-minded members like yourself.
    Re: Problem Tenant by Anonymous on November 1, 2017 @14:08 [ Reply ]
    Everyone should be able to post their opinion, after all it's just their opinion. So don't be like G and try to control how and what people post. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    Re: Problem Tenant by Anonymous on November 2, 2017 @10:41 [ Reply ]
    The poster just pointed out the truth, that this landlord is perhaps delusional with his thinking and priorities on how to manage tenants.

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