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Re: tenants child turns 18 - Landlord Forum thread 354988

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Re: tenants child turns 18 by AnonymousFL on November 8, 2017 @13:16

@Gary: He would not be "tied down" to a lease. It would be month-to-month. Taking him off would be as easy as doing another lease.

@nina: Since you said that you had to 'have a chat' with the son and since it is a month-to-month rental, I do think it would be a good idea to bring up the subject with your tenant, but be relaxed about it. Mention that you thought the son had turned 18 recently and at some point, he really should be added to the lease; what are his plans? will he be staying around or finding his own place? yadda yadda, and then see what they think is a reasonable time frame to put him on the lease. If the time frame isn't to your liking, try to work out something sooner...but i would suggest somthing in the next two to three months.

Do keep in mind that you already have your tenant on the current lease and they are still responsible for the unit even if the son does something wrong.
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Re: tenants child turns 18 by Garry (Iowa) on November 8, 2017 @14:09 [ Reply ]
AnonFL, it depends on what your definition of "tied down" is. One minute after the son signs the lease, the son becomes responsible for the rent, if the mom cannot pay it, for whatever reason. If the mom gets killed in a car accident 1 hour later after the son signs the lease, the son is still responsible for the rent. But if the son has not signed the lease, and the mom is killed, her estate is responsible for the rent, which may or may not, be the son as the executor of the estate. My point was, and I think you agree with me, the son needs a chance to become an adult GRADUALLY, rather than "overnight", just because of a birthday. If you have children, and the day they turned 18, did you make them responsible for paying you "rent", so you did not have to come up with the full mortgage payment on your home? It's the same kind of reasoning.
    Re: tenants child turns 18 by AnonymousFL on November 9, 2017 @14:26 [ Reply ]
    I don't necessarily disagree with you there, but I also think being on a lease is one of those first 'adult' things that they should be exposed to. After all, most people do get an apartment sometimes.

    I have seen way too many instances where young adults have no idea how a contract or lease works and they make big mis-steps. Better to have the first lease with mom or dad than solo. Just my view.

    But the other side of it is that the kid is now an adult and as a landlord, I would feel the need to address it at some point. Since the OPS tenant is a month-to-month, I don't think two or even three months is an unreasonable time frame.

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