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Re: security camera - Landlord Forum thread 355417

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Re: security camera by Laura on December 20, 2017 @08:01

G, again thank you for giving me some things to consider. Just an fyi, as I thought the lock would be good since the room is my responsibility. The water shut off valve is also located there and he would have to access it if there was an emergency. I have decided to put a lock on the valve itself so he is unable to tamper with it. Crossing my fingers that this solves one of my "issue" with him.
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Re: security camera by Garry (Iowa) on December 20, 2017 @10:10 [ Reply ]
If you put a lock on the furnace room door, that should be good enough. There would be no need to put a separate lock on the water valve. Just remember, too many locks to keep tenants "out" or deny access to a shutoff valve, also means you as the LL take on a LOT more responsibility if something goes wrong. I have 20 SFH, all with basements, and T access to the furnace plumbing, and electrical. Yes, sometimes kids play in those areas. I just don't ever worry about somebody bothering something they shouldn't. If it happens, it happens. I fix the problem, and move on. I would much rather have the T be able to do something in an emergency, than worry about what "might" happen if kids are playing in the area.
    Re: security camera by Laura on December 20, 2017 @11:40 [ Reply ]
    Thanks G,this isn't a worry about what could happen, this has already happened and do not want it to happen again. I will lock the valve so it can't be tampered with again and leave the door open so the main shut off valve can be reached.

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