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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months - Landlord Forum thread 355507

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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @19:49


If a fire, People can use the doors to escape and there are many doors and all working doors in this single family house.

I did respond this in time matter. But, both availability of Window Contractors and T caused much more delay (75-plus % of the time waste on waiting even I called contractors to come) - either T was NOT available to open the door or Contractors was NOT available to immediately get there to get a quote.

What can L do about this?
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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Garry (Iowa) on December 31, 2017 @20:21 [ Reply ]
You can set a time and date with a contractor 4-5 days out, during the week at 8-5 daytime hours. Once set, post a 48 hour notice on the Ts front door (plus call/text the T, also) of when YOU AND the contractor WILL be there. Use your key to get in, if the T is not there. If the T is there, but won't let you in, DO NOT try to force your way in. Simply leave, and send a letter by cert. mail, to the T, stating the T MUST contact you, in WRITING, exactly when you and the contractor can come in.(it should be 1-2 weeks out, so you can set up the date with the contractor.)
By the way, if a fire(or smoke) is in a hallway where the bedrooms are, the ONLY way out, is thru a window in the bedrooms. (and be sure you have working smoke detectors in all the bedrooms, and 1 in the hallway outside of them. )

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