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Re: Eviction - Landlord Forum thread 355975

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Re: Eviction by Libby (Pa) on February 1, 2018 @21:19

In Pa we have to give them 30 days to get their belongings
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Re: Eviction by Garry (Iowa) on February 1, 2018 @22:00 [ Reply ]
We must have it easier in Iowa. I just did a formal eviction 3 weeks ago. Once we go thru the court system, and win a legal eviction, we contact the sheriff, who sets a date and time for the actual eviction. The sheriff hand delivers/posts a 48 hour courtesy notice at the property that we are coming. Then on that day and time, EVERYTHING goes to the curb----people, personal possessions, pets, garbage----EVERYTHING. Pets go to a pet shelter, cars get towed to the street. It's then the tenants stuff, by law, for the next 24 hours. The LL cannot touch it, no matter its value. THEN, AFTER the 24 hrs are up, the LL can keep anything he wants to, AND/OR take what remains, to the dump. The locks are changed, and the LL has total possession back. If former Ts are found on the property after the eviction, police can be called, and can be charged with trespassing. By the way, scroungers come within about 2 hours after the eviction, and all overnight. By the next day, the pile is cut in half.

Here's a story for you. 3 years ago I did an eviction. The T had rented a U-haul truck, and backed it up to 5 feet away from the front door, and wanted for US to put all his stuff in it. The sheriff said NO, and told the T to put the U-haul in the street. WE took all his stuff to the curb----between the sidewalk and the street, and the T was told by the sheriff that he could put all his stuff in the truck from there.

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