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Pet addendum - Landlord Forum thread 356012

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Pet addendum by Anonymous on February 2, 2018 @18:49

No property has ever been improved by a pet.

*Animal has be to on the approved list of my insurance.(No pit or pit x
*Renter's insurance and must.
*Dog must be licensed (which covers vaccinations and neutering requirements).
*I charge a $250 pet fee which is non-refundable.
*I also charge $25/month more in rent.

This all aligns with local apartment complexes.
It is so stated on the original lease which has a place to initial that they understand even IF they don't have pets when they move in. In the same section they initial a 24-point statement
That way a judge knows there were no pets at move in and they knew the associated fees and costs if later a pet is brought in. I evicted a gal for bringing in a puppy, signing the addendum and then deciding to just not pay the fee or the rent.

At court, she claimed I was retaliating against her because of the dog/that I knew she had a dog. The judge asked her if she had initialed the I DO NOT HAVE A PET line.
And was that her initials on the section that outlined the requirements FOR a pet.
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