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Re: Insight/Opinion - Renting to your adult Child - Landlord Forum thread 356056

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Re: Insight/Opinion - Renting to your adult Child by Anonymous on February 7, 2018 @11:28

Depends on the child. If that child has always been reasonably responsible and understands that entitlement is not an option. Not a problem. Go for it.

Many families have that child who may not have been the most responsible and have been enabled in life by the parents for whatever reason. In that case I may not do it but instead just say "hey" here is a place for you blah blah. I mean why play?

I would have no problem renting to family or friends. I would just have to have a frank conversation before I do goes something like this

So, are you familiar with the fair housing act? It states I have to treat all tenants the same.

If you pay rent late, how do you expect me to proceed? This when my ears perk up of course.

Do you understand I run my rentals as though I am running a business? I wait for a reply.

You understand I will evict you if you cant pay rent right? The Fair Housing Act says I have to treat everybody the same...blah blah blah,

Get the picture?

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Re: Insight/Opinion - Renting to your adult Child by SD (Pa) on February 7, 2018 @15:09 [ Reply ]
You are absolutely right those words of fair housing kind of make it an even playing field.

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