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Re: water heater problem - Landlord Forum thread 356077

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Re: water heater problem by Erik (NV) on February 8, 2018 @00:29

Unfortunately this happen on the week end and home warranty was schedule and they did not come the first time, the came the next day. This is the reason I pay home warranty to avoid this kind of situations. But I did everything in my power to do it the right away and it did not work it was complication from the first purchase to the next plumber and the problem to find in stock the right water heater in town it is not a standard water heater the main stores do not carry on the stores. But I agree probably pro rate the days they did not have the water heater and discounted from the next rent it would be a fair option. Just hope the tenant understand it was not his fault and not mine either I tried my best to have it solve ASAP
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Re: water heater problem by Anonymous on February 8, 2018 @06:44 [ Reply ]
Erik, this isnt a matter of assigning blame, its a matter of doing what is required of you as a business owner and under the law.

Your tenants do not have a business relationship with your home warranty, your plumbers, or suppliers. They have a relationship with YOU, and youve damaged that relationship. Tell them you accept the blame for this (it is, ultimately your 'fault'), ask what you can do yo make it right, and ensure you have funds set aside so that this *never happens again*.
    Re: water heater problem by Erik (NV) on February 8, 2018 @11:00 [ Reply ]
    I try to do the right thing from the beginning but it was a shock to find out homw warranty wouldn't cover, I am not a plumber so I have to relay in what the "professionals" tells me, at the same time all this plumbers and shops the only thing they care it is to make money out of your problem and I hate to be bullied to buy something that it is not necessary. Why should I buy a 50 gallons 9 years when it is prefectely ok a 40 gallon 6 years? I understand people needs water right away but at the same time it is not right to pay for something it is not necessarily just because they want to get pay more money and sometimes it is not easy to have money aside! medical bills and other things can put you at risk not to have the money

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