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Month to month termination - Landlord Forum thread 356368

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Month to month termination by Lulu (CA) on March 5, 2018 @13:13

I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Found a room for rent on Craigslist. The owner seemed nice enough, she thought I was nice enough as well. I paid the deposit of $750 to hold the room and got a receipt. A week later I moved in and paid the first month and got a receipt.

I literally moved my stuff into the room and went away for a week. The owner and I agreed we'd sign the lease when I returned. I came back from my trip and it went downhill from there. To make a very long story short, the owner is a psychopath and I don't want to stay there for the originally agreed upon term of 4 months (lease still not signed)

I gave her two option 1. allow me to vacate and prorate the portion I've stayed so far or 2. allow me to stay out the full month I paid for. I think both option ares fair. And of course, return of the security deposit.

After doing some googling turns out this woman has done this sort of thing in the past with another roommate. She refused to be present for a walk though, got angry when asked for receipts, etc.

I'm worried about how to handle this going forward. I really just want to leave in peace and make sure I get back the money I'm owed without her locking me out or doing something else crazy.

Thanks for any advice
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Re: Month to month termination by Anonymous on March 5, 2018 @13:43 [ Reply ]
"I gave her two option"
So what option did LL accept?
Re: Month to month termination by Garry (Iowa) on March 5, 2018 @14:11 [ Reply ]
Lets be clear here. So far in your post, you have said nothing about the OWNER breaking the current ORAL lease you have. It's only your OPINION the LL is a psychopath, and you want to leave. If you move out now, YOU would be breaking the lease, not her. Go to the LL, and ask to sign the 4 month lease. If she refuses, that means you are on a M2M oral lease. Then you can give her a MINIMUM 30 day notice IN WRITING that you will be out at the end of April. If you are going to Google anything, Google your states LL/T laws, and read them to see where you stand. You will need to pay April's rent to her, or face her starting an eviction process against you, and you don't want that. Once you are out LEGALLY, then if you don't get your deposit back, you can sue her for the return of it. As long as your rent is paid, she cannot LEGALLY lock you out. Remember, it's not what YOU WANT to do, but what you can do LEGALLY within your lease, and your state LL/T laws.
Re: Month to month termination by Anonymous on March 5, 2018 @18:01 [ Reply ]
Why would you move into a room and then leave for week. Without signing the agreement? Who's the psychopath?
Re: Month to month termination by Anonymous on March 5, 2018 @18:27 [ Reply ]
rule # 1 -- put it in writing. No legitimate LL does business on verbals and turns over keys and possession to a stranger,...on a ''chat''.

if indeed you feel your research indicated your LL might be a problem and you are concerned for your safety, you could wait till something happens or just get your stuff out of the room and disappear, forfeiting your security deposit for the lesson learned. LL will probably not pursue you for a four month term on a verbal, against the security deposit you forfeit.
don't trash the place,...take pictures of condition, send keys back cert mail with a proper note with a copy of note posted on room door.
Re: Month to month termination by lamac66 (ga) on March 6, 2018 @06:43 [ Reply ]
Something's off here. Why wasnt a lease signed when you gave deposit and first month's rent?

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