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Order if utilities - Landlord Forum thread 358176

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Order if utilities by Dave on July 16, 2018 @13:03

I have a tenant I am planning to approve. They cannot move in until August 1 but will pay security deposit now. What order do the transferring of utilities come in all this? I have heard you should not give up the keys until utilities are transferred. So they pay the deposit up front and then the first month rent August 1 but in between the utilities are transferred. One will have to verify this was done before turning in the keys.
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Re: Order if utilities by Susan on July 16, 2018 @13:30 [ Reply ]
They should arrange to have the utilities changed over coinciding with the 1st day of the lease.
You can go ahead and make arrangement in advance to cancel your accounts and switch over to the tenant's name.

Tell the tenants you have already ordered your cancellation of the utilities so they should make arrangements asap.
Re: Order if utilities by L. on July 16, 2018 @16:07 [ Reply ]
We require our tenants to give us confirmation numbers from the utility companies before we hand over the keys. Then we call the companies to make sure the numbers we got are legit and the start date.
Re: Order if utilities by Garry on July 16, 2018 @21:17 [ Reply ]
I agree with Lacey, L, and Jannie. Those are the ways I handle my change-overs of utilities, too.
Re: Order if utilities by Frankly on July 17, 2018 @17:34 [ Reply ]
Why is it any of your concern when the utilities are transferred? Turn them all off the day before signing the lease. It's up to them to turn them on.

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