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Dog Hair - Landlord Forum thread 358177

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Dog Hair by Carly on July 16, 2018 @13:08

My landlord is always looking for way to push me to leave ( so he can raise the rent) and I want to know exactly what his responsibilities are. My tub drain was stopped up. I asked him to send the plumber. The plumber fixed it. Landlord just texted me telling me that since the plumber found dog hair in the drain I now have to pay the plumber.

This doesn't seem right. He gave me no choice to find my own plumber, to fix it myself. There is nothing written in the lease about me bathing my dogs in my bathroom. I have lived in my apartment for 10+ years.

Any info would be very helpful!
Thank you

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Re: Dog Hair by Susan on July 16, 2018 @13:32 [ Reply ]
Our lease makes tenants responsible for ALL drain clogs.
Whose hair was in the pipes?
Re: Dog Hair by L. on July 16, 2018 @16:14 [ Reply ]
Your dogs and you bathing your dogs caused a problem, so you should pay for the repair. If you don't like the way he handles things, why not take care if it yourself in the first place? Live and learn and next time use a hair trap on the drain.
Re: Dog Hair by Fiona on July 16, 2018 @17:03 [ Reply ]
My lease states that all drain blockages are the responsibility of the tenants. I provide a bottle of the hair and grease drain cleaner rather than tenants using the other stuff that can damage the system and if they use the bottle I provide they replace it. If a plumber is called they pay for it.

IMO, you lost the option of choosing your own plumber once you involved the landlord.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of dog do you have that would cause a drain blockage with its fur?

Re: Dog Hair by Garry on July 16, 2018 @21:30 [ Reply ]
Wait a minute! What do you mean that the LL did not give you a chance to find your own plumber, or fix it yourself? YOU said " I asked him to send the plumber "! Apparently, you didn't ask WHO was going to pay for the plumber. If you had, and the LL said "you", you may have decided to buy a plunger and/or some drain cleaner, and do it yourself. The cost is on you.
Re: Dog Hair by Frankly on July 17, 2018 @17:33 [ Reply ]
Clearly a troll
Re: Dog Hair by teri on July 18, 2018 @22:03 [ Reply ]
I hate to point this out, but no lease is going to spell out something that should be common sense. Of course a drain is going to plug up due to excessive dog hair.....just pay the bill or make plans to find another place for you and your two dogs.
Re: Dog Hair by June on July 21, 2018 @13:27 [ Reply ]
#1) You are not a landlord and do not pay yearly dues to enjoy the Forum, so why are you here and being "serviced". Go and join a tenant group.

#2) You are responsible for paying for plumbing you plugged up. You plugged it, you pay. You break it, you buy it.

#3) Landlords are not a charity to serve the "entitled ones".

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