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Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? - Landlord Forum thread 358245

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Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by June on July 24, 2018 @16:14

Big Surprise! A 50 year old wood floor is waaaay more valuable and harder than any new wood flooring.

Any repair person will charge a trip charge of at least $100.00. Add to that the artistic patch up job, mixing custom finish colors of wood stain (they show up different on every wood species), sanding the area, staining the area, add to that dry time, a clear coat x 2. And you have the gall to say it's not worth $100.00. What are you thinking? Lincoln freed the slaves. Do you like your paycheck at the end of each week? Are you worth it? Any trades person to come out and do those repairs and cleaning will charge way more than her husband/handyman/artist!

Go buy yourself a house and pay the repair peeps yourself!
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Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by Hiyaluv on July 24, 2018 @23:00 [ Reply ]
We own four houses. 3 of which we rent out. This was a short term rental while we remodeled. Not that it matters but your comment was condescending and rude. By law everything has a depreciated value and I was curious as to what that was on floors. Also, you are supposed to show Receipts for Money you take for damages and a hand written check with an arbitrary number to a husband in my opinion doesn't suffice. I want to know if that was correct? Also uncommon to take and withhold money when there is picture as well as written notation that she is charging for damages that already existed. We don't nickel and dime our tenants, we realize there will always be some wear and tear and dont charge unless its excessive. I wouldnt call a single scratch excessive. A stove that was cleaned twice by a professional cleaning company and given the okay during a prewalk thru and a charge for a hole that already existed honest. Its principal but I was curious how other landlords in CA handle.
    Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by Garry on July 24, 2018 @23:50 [ Reply ]
    You, Hiyaluv, are a LIAR, and you should NOT be part of this forum. You portrayed yourself as a tenant in your OP, and 2 people responded to you, believing you were a T. NOW you respond that you are actually a landlord. SO, WHAT ARE YOU-----LL OR T ??? We do NOT need someone like you on this forum, unless you stick with just ONE handle, for the next 10 years, AND portray yourself as a person who wants to HELP other people. You may have knowledge like a LL, but not the HONESTY of one.
      Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by June on July 25, 2018 @00:10 [ Reply ]
      HURRAH GARRY! You are absolutely correct. Maybe Hiyaluv is a phoney troll intent on creating problems because he likes to start battles and debates. We have no time for such ridiculous nonsense.
      Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by Hiyaluv on July 25, 2018 @01:07 [ Reply ]
      What makes you think Im a liar? How am I not honest? I was renting a home, the landlord took deductions I was questioning. One of the responders took several shots at me ending with the fact that I should buy my own house to be able to understand the cost of repairs. So, I filled them in on the fact that I am also a landlord who in this particular case was a tenant. That is 100% possible and truthful. I'm not sure what makes you then feel the right to call someone dishonest and a liar and tell them that they should not be able to post somewhere. This is completely off topic anyway to the questions I asked.

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