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Re: Tenant Broke Lease and Left Possessions There - Landlord Forum thread 358339

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Re: Tenant Broke Lease and Left Possessions There by Garry on August 1, 2018 @18:14

You are taking a VERY BBIIGGG RISK if you do ANYTHING with her "stuff" right now. You do not have enough PROOF right now, to show a judge that she has moved out and abandoned the furniture. Do not touch ANYTHING of hers, and do not enter the place anymore unless you post a 24 hour notice before doing so. Wait til Friday, and issue her a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. Send it regular and certified mail, and post it on her front door. Do not send one to her work. Then follow your state's eviction laws, and eventually you will probably do a formal eviction of all her stuff, if she doesn't pay Aug. rent.

She is not cooperating with you, so to keep yourself out of hot water, you must do things LEGALLY if you want your rent, or possession back. Doing things the WRONG way, may get you sued by the T, and you would likely lose. If you get rid of her stuff, or even take it off the premises to store it, she could claim she had $10,000 worth of jewelry in the dressers or hidden under a mattress, and that you stole all of it. Go thru the court system to either get your rent, or possession back.
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Re: Tenant Broke Lease and Left Possessions There by Jason on August 2, 2018 @03:11 [ Reply ]
Gerry - she's already told me that she wanted out. We talked about it.
    Re: Tenant Broke Lease and Left Possessions There by LAMAC66 on August 2, 2018 @07:23 [ Reply ]
    you still have to go through the process of giving notice and following state laws regarding abandonment ect.
    Re: Tenant Broke Lease and Left Possessions There by Garry on August 2, 2018 @07:59 [ Reply ]
    Jason, all my suggestions were geared to protect YOU. If she is willing to break the lease, what makes you think she wouldn't file suit against you, and lie to a judge? The lease was in WRITING, and SIGNED. Do you have anything in WRITING from her recently, that says she is moving out as of a given date? (and I'm not talking about a 1-word text that says "yes" to your question of "is she out" either) Did she return the keys? Did she give you a forwarding address as to where to send her deposit statement? If she is moving only because she wanted a cheaper place, that tells me she is hurting for money. Talk is cheap. Judges want to SEE PROOF.

    I'm on this forum on a regular basis, to simply try to help people, with my 38 years of experience as a landlord. If you don't want to use my advice, then don't. It won't affect me in the slightest. But YOU------what ever you do going forward, it WILL AFFECT. Good Luck to you.

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