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Adding people to lease - Landlord Forum thread 359096

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Adding people to lease by Edward on February 23, 2019 @12:30

If someone responds to my CL ad, and has no job but wants to rent using a government assistance program, do I have to consider their request?

According to them, it's not "Section 8" but some other program.


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Re: Adding people to lease by AnonymousFL on March 1, 2019 @04:34 [ Reply ]
Income is income. In most cases, you cannot turn away a person because they are in some sort of program. It would be in your best interest to know what the most common programs are out there so you know what you are getting into.

You best 'defense' is to have a defined rental criteria that you use to process your applications. State that you have the right to confirm landlord references and income and have an income requirement (most landlords state that income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent). I also suggest running credit reports. It isn't too expensive and it can save some headaches in the long run. In some states, you can charge an application fee to offset credit check costs as well.
Re: Adding people to lease by Jay on April 23, 2019 @12:50 [ Reply ]
I am co-founder of TenantMagic We provide online applications and tenant screening services at no charge to landlord, applicants pay the $35 fee.

Set you criteria regarding income to rent, credit history, criminal, and eviction history.

Let your applicants know your requirements before they apply and stick to them.

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