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Lease Clause to Remove Sublessor (WI)? - Landlord Forum thread 360839

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Lease Clause to Remove Sublessor (WI)? by AnonymousFL on September 16, 2020 @02:59

It is time to review and update our rental leases for the coming year.

This past year we had a few too many problems with bad sublessors that would not leave. For the most part, our tenants that were involved were still keepers, but getting rid of some of the sublessors was problematic unless we moved towards evicting the entire household.

I am wondering if someone has any thoughts on some language for the lease that would allow us to evict a sublessor from a unit separately from the lessor? I know I can put any old clause in the lease and try to bluff, but I'd love to have something that could hold up in court if we had to take it that far.

Since we have a contract with our tenant and the tenant has a contract with his sublessor, I am finding it difficult to figure out a legal route to be able to make it happen. I am thinking there probably isn't one.

This is for Wisconsin. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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