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Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up - Landlord Forum thread 360861

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Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Robert on September 27, 2020 @10:15

Bring your lease and rent payment proof to date. In Colo you need to bring 3 copies of all evidence. Have a stack for each person already compiled.

You can ask for repayment of all your costs.

When you win, make sure you find out where they work, live, bank etc. The court should provide a discovery document that they have to fill out before they leave.

Winning is 1/4 of the process, the other 3/4 is collecting.

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Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Jason on September 28, 2020 @06:40 [ Reply ]
Bringing 3 copies is a great reminder, Robert. I have done that in the past, but the Defendant never showed, so I forgot all about that. Thank you for the reminder!

I'm not entirely sure how it works in PA after a LL "wins". The last two times I simply kept the SD and the other we settled out of court and they paid ALL of the court fees.

I hope the Judge is appreciative of the fact that I have waived late fees.
Re: Eviction Court Date Coming Up by Jason on September 29, 2020 @05:18 [ Reply ]
Robert & Associates,

My court hearing is October 1st. I currently have the following documents gathered so far:
(3) Copies of Lease Agreement & Addendums (SIGNED)
(3) Copies of Payment History
(3) Copies of Overdue Rent Letter
(3) Copies of FB Correspondence (between LL & T - CYA only)
(3) Copies of Rental Applications
(3) Copies of Court Documents

Am I missing anything?

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