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Re: T inspection - Landlord Forum thread 361562

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Re: T inspection by Garry on September 17, 2021 @10:43

Posting a notice on the Ts front door should have been your FIRST attempt. And you should take a picture of it on the door before you leave. You cannot go in just yet, no matter how bad you want to. You should cover ALL your bases about entering a rental.

If I were you, I would postpone the date of entering for 1 week. Then text, email, and CALL them about the date and time you will be there. THEN, ALSO, send a copy of your notice by both regular and certified mail, and post that same notice on their front door. Do all this no LATER than this coming Monday, to give the mailings time for them to arrive at the Ts address. Then be SURE you are at the property EXACTLY when you said you will be.

If you can get in, GREAT! If the T is there and won't let you in,or has changed the locks, you have 3 choices------forget about performing the inspection, go to court to get a judge to grant you access, or give them a notice of non-renewal of the lease, which should say the actual date they are expected to be gone. ( if a T can play hardball, so can you )
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Re: T inspection by Bette on September 17, 2021 @16:59 [ Reply ]
I agree with Garry - However, I would be concerned, and wonder what's to hide -- I would suspect that they are probably violating the lease. Follow Garry's advice,but make sure you do your maintenance inspection. I think somethings fishy

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