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Re: How to handle this in check-in sheet - Landlord Forum thread 361605

Re: How to handle this in check-in sheet by Garry on October 9, 2021 @20:12

Quit being so PICKY! Nail holes on walls are simply a normal part of WEAR + TEAR of any place people live. People expect to be able to hang pictures on walls, especially in a living room. That's where family and friends congregate. Tenants like to show off their pictures just like you do. Sometimes people hang shelving on walls to display nic-nacs, collections, etc.

And for the most part, most of the holes left by a previous tenant, will be covered up by the new tenants pics. Obviously, if you elected to just clean the walls, there couldn't have been many holes there to begin with.
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Re: How to handle this in check-in sheet by Bette on October 10, 2021 @10:20 [ Reply ]
Actually, it's nails & some sort of plastic "thing", not a 3m deal I'm not worried about the holes as I could have spactle (sp) them - It's all the nails. So I believe you're trying say don't list.
It really wasn't until maybe 15 yrs ago that I even used a check in sheet - usually just took pics.
When we were tenants many yrs ago landlord said "there are 14 nail holes in this rental - that's it". Needless to say - no more put in. Was he too picky - maybe so :)
    Re: How to handle this in check-in sheet by Robert on October 15, 2021 @20:46 [ Reply ]
    I always fill nail holes after every move out. I specify in lease that tenant is NOT to do this. They can ruin your walls in a hurry if they do it wrong.

    In lease I allow small holes but charge for anything over 1/4", a few bucks for small and $5 for 1/2" holes - after all they are permanent damage to the wall. ( just had someone move out that left 32ea 1/2" holes!)

    The plastic thing in your wall hole is an anchor, you can pull them out with needle nose pliers and then patch the hole.
      Re: How to handle this in check-in sheet by Daniel (CA) on October 20, 2021 @14:23 [ Reply ]
      you can't control the hole thing.
      I count the holes and list the quantity. I charge when the matter becomes excessive or if it appears screws or more complicated repairs are necessary.

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