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Re: How to extricate from tenant texts? - Landlord Forum thread 361619

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Re: How to extricate from tenant texts? by Garry on October 20, 2021 @17:31

Believe it or not, YOU, Daniel are the cause of all your problems. I don't own a smart phone. I do have a cheap flip phone that I maybe put on 10 minutes a month in calls. I have a desktop computer at home, and have an email address. ABSOLUTELY NO tenant gets my email address, or my cell number. And there are only about 10 close friends or family that have my cell number-----NOBODY ELSE. I have a land-based phone at home, with an answering machine hooked up to it. My tenants get THAT number if they want to reach me. The same thing with all my business dealings-----they get my land-based ph.number, NOT my cell # If people cannot leave me a message, the call must not be important. I don't do ANY TEXTING AT ALL ! If you don't want to be bothered at a movie, or at dinner, or anywhere else, simply LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR, OR AT HOME !!! DETACH YOURSELF, UNHOOK YOURSELF from ALL communications when you feel the need. And never text a T back------that can eventually leave a paper trail, that you may not like, if someone decides to take you to court. As I said, I think you are your OWN worst enemy. FIX it, and you will live a better life going forward.
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Re: How to extricate from tenant texts? by Bette on October 21, 2021 @19:41 [ Reply ]
I have a land line & don't give out my cell number Although, I give out my e-mail address to tenants. I've never had a problem. I check my e-mail at least once a day. If I felt there might be a problem - I would get a separate e-mail account I only give to tenants. Several years back I did that when advertizing, but haven't felt the need to do that.
Re: How to extricate from tenant texts? by Daniel (CA) on November 13, 2021 @15:23 [ Reply ]
I have to admit, you are right!
this has caused me to reflect on how I got to this point.

and the answer is - the online apartment rental process -

I will review my procedures on how I communicate with new tenants going forward with, zillow, etc...

I will start a new thread to discuss this...

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