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Re: split security deposit - Landlord Forum thread 361625

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Re: split security deposit by Garry on October 26, 2021 @21:39

THEY moved into your property together. THEY gave you ONE deposit amount. It does not matter WHO caused any damage----THEY are BOTH responsible for any and all damages TOGETHER. IF there is anything left of their deposit after all damages have been deducted, then you can call her and you will need to find out where BOTH her and the ex want their money sent to. If she only gives you HER new address, only send out HER half of the deposit. If you cannot find her ex, you hold that half of the deposit for 1 year, and if the ex never calls you about the money, it's yours to keep.
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Re: split security deposit by Garry on October 26, 2021 @21:54 [ Reply ]
PS-------you should wait at least 2 weeks to send the deposit statement out, and only after they have taken all their possessions with them, and cleaned the place up. That give you enough time to do more cleaning and repair any damages THEY left you.
    Re: split security deposit by Ted on October 27, 2021 @08:56 [ Reply ]
    Thank you, Gary. In California is 21 days to return the security deposit. Yes, this sounds like a good plan. I was thinking the same.

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