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Washing sink not working - Landlord Forum thread 362066

Washing sink not working by SylviaBurnett on June 24, 2022 @01:07

Hi, folks. It's been seven months since we rented this place, and boy has it been an experience. Our sink stopped working a few days ago—it just jammed up and there seems to be no way around it in its present condition. Since then I've written the owner several times and called him as many more asking if he even knew about the issue, but he hasn't answered once. To fix this problem, I have recently purchased a brand new portable sink with disposal unit. The owner of the property has arrived and told me that I cannot use my new sink at his residence which i think is odd because they do exist in my country! What am i supposed to do now?
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Re: Washing sink not working by Pauline on June 24, 2022 @01:46 [ Reply ]
thank you for your question. In that case, the new owner can't prohibit you from using your new portable sink. New law in Canada states that you can use it, unless the owner can prove that you are causing damage. If the owner does not prevent you from using your new sink, then you are good to go. The best idea is to contact your local city hall, and they will help you deal with this situation.
Re: Washing sink not working by Michael on June 24, 2022 @08:31 [ Reply ]
Sear Sylvia,
I have never seen a sink jam itself up. Please tell us more and maybe we can help.
Re: Washing sink not working by Garry on June 24, 2022 @10:53 [ Reply ]
You are supposed to do what you should have done in the first place-----CALL A PLUMBER ! After all, WHO do you think plugged up your sink----YOU ! You've lived there for 7 months, and your sink has worked OK till now. YOU are the only one who has put things down your sink to plug it up. Therefore, YOU should be the one to get it unplugged, NOT your landlord.
Re: Washing sink not working by Carl on June 27, 2022 @09:40 [ Reply ]
By stopped working, you mean no water comes out? That seems like a pretty serious issue if they're not addressing it. Sounds like you might have grounds for legal action - I'd consult the rental agreement and go from there.
Re: Washing sink not working by Daniel (CA) on July 21, 2022 @13:53 [ Reply ]
Please post which state / city you are talking about. Is it rent controlled or not?
I would do the following: notify your landlord in writing about this problem. Give them reasonable time to repair (3-7- but not more than 30 days) let them know in writing that you plan on repairing it with a licensed plumber and will repair and deduct the cost. However, if you find out that you caused the damage then I would not deduct the cost.
If you don’t have just cause eviction protections then the LL could evict you.
most current lease agreements prohibit a tenant from adding laundry mechanisms to their apartment. you may not add apparatuses or certain appliances to your unit without permission.

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