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Landlord Definition

What is a Landlord?

The definition:
One who owns the right to use and occupy real estate that is transferred to another (lessee) under a lease agreement, a lessor.

Real estate in every city, town and neighborhood that is rented is owned by a landlord. The goal of The Landlord Protection Agency is to be a convenient tool for the average residential landlord who needs somewhere to turn when he needs help in the business of rentals.

The landlord and rental real estate business encompasses many areas one must at least become somewhat knowlegable in if not a master of it. In other words, a person who is a landlord might wear many different hats, having to do with:

  • advertising
  • selling
  • screening
  • negotiating
  • construction
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • property management
  • collection
  • lease enforcement
    and other areas connected with the business of renting real estate.

    One of those areas is Landlord Tenant Law and the handling of problems and disputes that often come up in the landlord tenant relationship.

    Landlord and Tenant disputes are inevitable in the landlord and property management business. It is important that you know your legal rights as a landlord before advancing a landlord tenant issue to the next step. Understanding tenant rights is also important. Landlords must follow strict guidelines in terms of procedure and timeframes when dealing with the eviction courts. The Landlord Protection Agency recommends you seek an attorney’s advice before beginning legal action.

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