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Join The Landlord Protection Agency® Now, It's Easy!
One Membership Year: $79.99
Two - Four Membership Years: $57.00 per year *
Five Or More Membership Years: $39.99 per year * (Best Value = Only 10¢ a day)

* Special BONUS for New 2 -5 year LPA Members

Get Maximum Landlord Protection
  • The LPA's special collection of ESSENTIAL FORMS, individually priced over $350.00 is included FREE with your membership and can be downloaded instantly and saved to your computer in MS Word so you can use them over and over again. You can also download your choice of Format of LPA Forms,
    even if you don't have MS Word.
  • Plus, with The LPA's collection of FREE FORMS you'll be prepared for just about any tenant situation.

    You get all of our Specialized Essential Landlord Forms as a member of The LPA, all downloadable to your computer and editable in MS Word. Print what you need when you need it.

  • FREE BONUS You get a full service and a secure online Property Management Software Program able to accomodate from 1 to hundreds of your own private rental properties. The LPA Manager online property management program, is a FREE Bonus for LPA Members! (Find out about access to the "Phase I" pre-release version )
Members Advertise Free
  • Place as many For Rent Ads as you want In Landlord's Corner.

    These ads are also seen by tenants in the new "Rentals Wanted" internet site, The National Tenant Register

  • You get exclusive access to search rental needs posted by qualified potential tenants.
  • Classified Ads - You may place an unlimited number of them on our system.
  • If rental management isn't your only line of work, you can place unlimited Business Listings for FREE.
Get Cutting Edge Landlord Knowledge
  • Stay informed on Landlord matters with the Landlord Q&A Forum.
  • Benefit from and enjoy Landlord Tips, which include a variety of categories, such as interesting articles, inspirational success quotes, Landlord Test and more.
  • Subscribe to your Free monthly E-mail LPA Newsletter for new information and the latest articles concerning the landlording business. Use the LPA Newsletter Archive to access past issues.
Credit Reports & Tenant Screening
  • Credit Reports:
    There is NO membership or set-up fee to join any of our Credit Report agencies.
    All Credit Reporting accounts are separate from LPA Membership.

    Get credit reports fast, with efficient online instant service.

Reporting on Tenant's Credit Report
  • Delinquency Reporting to the Major Credit Bureaus:
    LPA members, are empowered to affect your tenant's credit report on Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.

  • The Deadbeat Database / National Tenant Rating Bureau is an unlimited free member service that allows you the power to instantly report your tenants so landlords all over the world will be warned or enlightened. This LPA database enables you to enter a complete profile on your tenant including all the details you choose.

Who Benefits?



  • Knowledge and power at your disposal (Q&A Discussion Forum, staffed with experts who answer your questions)

  • Avoid *tenantitis. "95% of tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process." Look in the Landlord Tips to find out about the The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps

    *Tenantitis: A state of mental stress or physical illness caused by tenant related problems.

  • Eliminate future problems by properly screening your tenants! (LPA Rental Application, Unlimited access to The National Tenant Rating Bureauand Discounted Credit Reports)


  • Listing your available rentals for FREE justifies the price of membership alone. This is a service that you should not be without!

    The LPA does not penalize brokers on business advertising prices like many newspapers do.

  • Advertise in The National Real Estate Broker Directory to attract more clients by promoting the fact that you have the knowledge and ability to protect landlords

  • Advertise your available sales listings and/or buyers needs in our Classified Ads!

  • Most of all, be equipped and know how to protect the interests of your landlord clients, and keep them coming back to you!


  • Use our built in LPA Manager online property management program, FREE BONUS for LPA Members
  • Find valuable ideas to help run a more efficient operation

  • Communicate with other property managers (see our discussion forum)

  • Participate with helping others solve their problems


  • Attract a larger volume of real-estate related clients and cases

  • List yourself in categories you specialize in (such as Landlord-Tenant matters or Real Estate Closings)

  • Converse with other Attorneys or potential clients in The LPA Discussion Forum
Every Member Also Receives:
  • An authentic and signed Certificate of Membership

  • A window decal to display your membership to the public (great for Real Estate Brokers)

And Don't Forget:
  • You get ALL of the Essential Landlord Forms INCLUDED FREE
    (CD ROM of Essential and Free Froms included for 2-5 year Members)

  • Unlimited Classified advertising, for FREE

  • The LPA's Products & Services are Tax Deductable business expenses

  • Access results from the National Tenant Rating Bureau / Deadbeat Database - report your current and past tenants and screen future ones
All available right now with your credit card purchase of membership.

Join The Landlord Protection Agency® Now, It's Easy!
One Membership Year: $79.99 -Renewal: $65./yr
Two - Four Membership Years: $57.00 per year -Renewal: $45./yr
Five Or More Membership Years: $39.99 per year - Renewal: $29.99/yr (Best Value)

NEW! Save Money with our Promotional Membership Renewal Prices!
*Your Membership Expired? No Problem!

"My LPA Membership has saved me from so many expensive tenant problems, it has already paid for itself many times over... Plus it was tax deductable!" - Louis C., LPA Member since February 2001.

"The question should be ..."
"Can you afford not to join The Landlord Protection Agency?
I'm very thankful for all The LPA has done for us. At first we were intimidated by our tenants and the whole process of leasing and managing our rental property. Now we have 3 rentals with excellent tenants!" - Carol and Jim S., LPA Members since July 2003

"Thank you LPA. My wife and I were at our wit's end when we found you. Our tenants had taken over our lives! The education you've shared with us has given us the confidence to take back control of our 4 rent houses. We now have three of them rented with your lease to excellent tenants. Just one more to go. What you've done for us is priceless." - Scott H., LPA Member since May 2002.

"How much did your last tenant problem cost you?"
"I expect your LPA Membership and arsenal of Essential Landlord Forms to save you from countless pitfalls and many now avoidable expenses in the coming years!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

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