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Rental Lease Agreement Kits

Rental Lease Agreement Kit

The Landlord Protection Agency has developed a number of Essential Landlord Forms for the successful management of residential rental property. Namely, houses, apartments and light commercial property. The entire Essential Landlord Forms system revolves around the various LPA Rental Lease Agreements which were drafted to carefully protect the landlord.

Below is a rental agreement selection containing some of the LPA's greatest landlord protection forms ever created.

Note to LPA Members:
DO NOT BUY any of these form kits if you are already a member. (All of the rental agreement forms on this page are already included in your LPA Membership. )

Landlord Rental Agreement Kit #1
The LPA Lease
The LPA Lease is a MUST HAVE! It is a one of a kind rental agreement, specially written to cater to residential houses and apartments. Praised by attorneys and judges. If a lease was ever jam packed with Landlord Protection, it's this one. "A whole landlording course is squeezed into The LPA Lease!" New Updates and Clauses Added periodically.

The LPA Lease with Option To Buy
Lease with Purchase Option! Specially Caters to residential properties. This version of The LPA Lease is tailored to protect the landlord in a Purchase Option deal. Contains full detailed Purchase Option clause.

The LPA Furnished Lease with Inventory Checklist
The LPA Furnished Lease Rental Agreement with Inventory Checklist covers the most important aspects of furnished Apartment, Condominium and House Renting, including a complete inventory checklist of furnishings included in the rental. This form includes all the LPA's latest Landlord Protection updates. New Updates and Clauses Added periodically.

The LPA Apartment Lease
Designed specifically to protect landlords against common tenant situations when renting apartments. The LPA Apartment Lease is also packed with maximum Landlord Protection!

Rental Application
The LPA RENTAL APPLICATION is one of the best rental applications around!

LPA Lease Kit # 1 Kit (includes all the above forms, a $75.94 value) $55.00

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Landlord Rental Agreement Kit #2

The LPA Rental Agreement
If you're looking for a quick and easy lease signing, but don't want to make a big sacrifice in landlord protection, this form may be just what you are looking for. Although less detailed, it contains many of the same legal elements as the LPA Lease and is less intimidating to the tenant.

The LPA Rental Agreement (Month to Month Tenancy)
By request of our members, The LPA has adapted the LPA Rental Agreement for those who need a month to month agreement with their tenants. We made the minor adjustments so you don't have to.

The LPA Commercial Lease
The LPA Commercial Net Lease Agreement is an adaptation of the LPA Lease designed to accommodate businesses in commercial properties. This document is primarily for small to medium sized commercial properties being rented to businesses.

The Landlord Reference Qualifier
Ever wonder if the landlord reference is really the landlord reference? This handy qualifier helps you interview past & current landlord references.

The LPA Pet Agreement
This addendum contains key ingredients, including a detailed list of Pet Agreement Rules to help protect you and your property when renting to pet owners.

Rental Application
The LPA RENTAL APPLICATION is a collection of the best tenant screening ideas found necessary to compile into one of the BEST RENTAL APPLICATIONS around!

LPA Lease Kit # 2 (includes all the above forms, a $61.23 value) $45.00

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Or check out our forms individually

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