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4 Funny Tenant Stories

First Story

Our tenant called to let us know that one window in her kitchen was leaking and water came in whenever it rained. When my husband went to investigate it he found the window was open at the top! She didn't know that thing on the sash was for locking the window.

Second story, different tenant:

The tenant couldn't understand why the circuit kept blowing in the bedroom. When they complained they suggested we get an electrician to fix it or they would report us to housing services. Upon further investigation we found that they were drying their clothes on the ceiling fan by laying them over the blades and turning on the fan. The ceiling fan was promptly removed and replace with a stationary ceiling fixture.

Third story, different tenant:

Tenant called to report that the clothes dryer stopped working. (They were good tenants and had been with us over a year) We found that the auto overheat shutoff had activated because they NEVER cleaned out the filter! EVER! In a year!

Just one more!

Tenant complained that something was wrong with the dishwasher (brand new, just installed) because his drinking glasses kept breaking. Turned out he didn't know how to load them. He was putting them over the pins so they were jingling together and cracking!

The above stories were provided by Eileen N.

My new motto is: "Never underestimate the stupidity of a tenant!"

If you have a Funny Landlord or Tenant story you'd like to share, please email me at

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