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Landlord Test - Situational Landord - Tenant Problems Part 2

Situational Landord - Tenant Problems
Part 2

Answer the following multiple choice questions by selecting the most correct answer for the situation.

Instructions: Click on the answer(s) of your choice to see if you are correct.
(Some questions may have more than one correct answer)

1. The tenant has given a forwarding address on his written notice to vacate and moved out of the rental property by the date stated in the notice. Two weeks more have passed and you see that the utilities are turned off, clothes are gone, but there are large amounts of junk and debris still in the rental. You are unable to reach the tenant and the keys have not yet been returned. You may:

2. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are renting a home built in 1999 from Landlord Bill. The Jones' three year old son, "Bam Bam" puts everything in his mouth, including sheetrock, wallpaper shreds that he peals off the walls, thumb-tacks and paint chips.
The Jones' are very upset about the boy's unruly behavior and believe it is due to an environmental issue the landlord is responsible for.
Bam Bam's behavior problem is most likely due to:

3. Kevin and Lisa are constantly clogging their toilet and complaining about it. Each time, your plumber tells you there is nothing wrong with the toilet, but they are flushing objects they shouldn't be. You've already told them not to flush certain items. What form should you use to help with this problem?

4. Jeff has been a landlord for 5 years and is considering quitting because he has never had a good tenant experience. He provides an excellent rental property at a fair price. He also has an excellent lease agreement. He is always being taken advantage of and has costly repairs and evictions every time he rents. Jeff needs to _______________ better.

5. A ____________ form is normally used after a tenant vacates the rental property.

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