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Landlord Training - How to Obtain the Judgment - 20 Minute Webinar

"When you need advice- do you seek someone who has proven success or do you get advice from people who have never achieved what you desire?" - Robert G. Allen

Free Landlord Training - 20 Minute Teaching Session!

with Cynthia Schmidt of The Collect Back Rent Training Course

Collect Your Money!


Here are some of the things we'll be talking about ...

Eviction Notices

The Eviction Process

Big Mistakes Most Landlords Make

Small Claims Court

Procedures & Interest

How to Collect your money!

Collect Back Rent Special Package(s) (Click for more details)

I just have to say, I feel sorry for any tenants who owe Cynthia and Gary Schmidt unpaid rent, because she and Gary have developed a fantastic system of collecting back rent in all states. You may have heard me talk about it before, or maybe you attended one of the webinars I participated in, but this system is so powerful that she even had tenants arrested for not cooperating with the court process! Then those deadbeats came up with the money pretty fast! I'm happy to announce that Cynthia and Gary have provided their awesome product here for our LPA landlords at a special price! - John Nuzzolese,

Includes these amazing components:

1. Collect Back Rent Manual (1)- Evictions & Small Claims Procedures.
2. Collect Back Rent Overview Manual (2)
3. Collect Back Rent DVDs (2)- Filmed workshop of the Eviction & Small Claims Procedures.
4. One State Version- State specific procedures, forms and flowchart. Gary & Cynthia have written a version for all 50 states.
5. Judgment Assignment Manual - Learn how to be assigned other creditor's judgments to collect. This is a great way to make money!

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