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3 Tenant Screening Steps Before the Credit Report

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3 Helpful Tenant Screening Steps...

Eliminating bad tenants before you rent to them is essential, but so is eliminating them before spending money on them! I always try to disqualify rental applicants before the time comes to spend money on tenant screening reports. Your rental application should contain lots of information to verify before seriously considering an applicant. If they make it through the verification of their application, things are headed in the right direction!

The Landlord Protection Agency® suggests the following steps to take before spending the money on a consumer credit report:

  1. Pre-screen your prospects before showing the rental. It eliminates unnecessary appointments and saves you time. Use a free LPA Pre-screening Prospect card.

  2. After showing the rental, have your interested prospects fill out and sign an LPA Rental Application. Be sure to collect a non-refundable screening fee and deposit as provided for in the application.

  3. Verify the employment and tenant references contained in the application. Use LPA Landlord Reference Qualifier form to evaluate the legitimacy of the landlord reference.

If you feel confident the tenant passed all your screening inquiries so far, run a credit report with a major credit bureau to review the prospect’s credit history on the payment of bills, delinquencies, address history, employment history and judgments.

Remember: "It's better to have no tenant than a bad tenant."

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