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Landlord Tip: Automatic Agreement by No Response

Automatic Agreement by No Response

Have you ever been frustrated because a tenant failed to return a signed copy of your notice of:

  • LPA Lease Renewal
  • LPA Rent Increase
  • LPA Lease Update - Change of Terms
    or another notice you needed the tenant to agree to so that important changes affecting the tenancy can commence?

    Here is the clause to insert into your LPA Notice of Rent Increase, Lease Update - Change of Terms Notice or Lease Renewal so that when you issue a notice, it will still be enforceable even if the tenants don't return a signed copy to you.

    Just copy and paste the above to the bottom of your notice.

    Disclaimer: State and local rental contract laws may vary, so The LPA recommends you consult a local attorney to make sure legal notice of this type is enforceable in your local court.

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