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Developing Courage - Denise Dema Business and Life Coach

Developing Courage

"Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend." - Winston Churchill

To achieve any goal in life, no matter how big or how small, you most develop the courage to take action. So, how do we become a courageous person? Are we born with courage or is courage something we develop? How do we develop ourselves into a courageous person?

If you want to become a courageous person then the only way to develop this quality is by acting courageously. When you act courageously something miraculous happens. You feel better, stronger, and more courageous. Your confidence and self-esteem increases and you become more competent. It becomes easier to act courageously.

Develop The Quality of Courage

We are creatures of habits. It has been said that a man first creates his habits and then his habits create him. Once you start to display the quality of courage throughout the day it becomes a part of who you are. Being courageous becomes easier to do with each courageous act you perform. A courageous act does not mean you are putting yourself in danger. A courageous act means you are doing the things that you fear.

Most of us fear something but the truth is that most of our fears are only a product of our vivid imaginations. Unfortunately, these fears often cripple who we become and what we do in life. Fear is limiting and since fear is self-imposed we can cure ourselves from fear quickly and easily. The cure for fear is courage. The cure is in the act of doing the things in which you fear. When you do the things that you are afraid of you take control of your life rather than allowing the emotion of fear to control your life.

"Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain." Brian Tracy.

Courage is not a special quality reserved for a select few individuals who were born as courageous people. No person on this earth was born a courageous person. All courage is developed by the simple act of facing the things that you fear. We can all develop courage. We can all become courageous people who do what we know is right to do and what we know will bring us the satisfaction of success. If you want to succeed in life and become all that you are meant to become you must begin today to develop the special quality of courage. It is essential for your long term success in life. Face your fears and succeed by developing an unstoppable courage.

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