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Email or Text Notice to Tenant vs. U.S. Mail

What every landlord needs to know about E-mail or Texting with tenants

What is the best form of communication between landlord and tenant?
In recent years, I've found that an astounding number of landlords communicate regularly and casually with their tenants via email. Many landlords prefer this. I don't. Here's why.

The method of email communication between two parties makes either party available for contact 24/7 at the whim of the other party. This leads to an expectation for the sender that the reciever instantly got the message or notification, when in actuality, the message may not be seen for hours, days or even weeks - depending on how often the reciever is online and check that email.

Tenant email often lacks thought and consideration that would normally go into a written letter, phone call or face to face conversation. Because emails are so impersonal, people tend to say what is on their minds or emotions without any restraint or time to think the issue over first. That often leads to misunderstandings and hard feelings.

Landlords who use email as their primary mode of communication with tenants can be setting themselves up for legal problems without even knowing it!

Now more than before, courts are accepting printed out emails as proof of official notices, repair requests and other paper trails by tenants to be used against landlords. The LPA does not recommend email communication as a medium for any official notices regarding the tenancy from tenants. For your protection, insert the notice below to appear at the bottom of any emails you send to your tenant.

Free E-Mail Disclaimer Notice

At the Bottom of Email Message

Just copy and paste the above to the bottom of your emails when corresponding with tenants online.

Free Lease Clause for Official Notices

We feel it wise to include the following clause in your Lease Rental Agreement:

In Lease Agreement

(The LPA Lease already includes a clause to this effect.)

LPA Essential Form: No E-Mail Disclosure Addendum

The LPA No E-mail Disclosure Addendum discourages the tenant from easily abusing contact with the landlord through email. In today's hi-tech society, it is common to find tenants through internet ads, such as Craigslist, The LPA Rental Ads and other rental websites. This is how the tenants usually obtain the landlord's email address.

For various reasons, some landlords prefer the tenants do not use their email to address any official issues or problems concerning the rental. The landlord may not check email frequently enough, may not feel comfortable handling rental business by email, or maybe would prefer to not make tenant-landlord contact so available or frequent. Whatever the reason may be, the landlord now has the option at lease signing to disclose to the tenant that further communications should be done by telephone and or in writing.

To Order the No E-Mail Disclosure Addendum

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