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Landlord Tips on Parking

What Do I Do If the Tenant Parks Cars on the Lawn?

Parking cars on the lawn? Oh, come on! Give me a break. Don't these tenants have any sense???

Is it because they don't know the rules? Is it because they have too many friends over? As crazy as it sounds, some people have no respect for your property or the rules, and they will do anything they want. They need to be told what is right and wrong.

If your tenant parks vehicles on an area not designated for parking, it is important to inform and instruct him to move the vehicles in order to comply with the lease agreement.

Furthermore, most insurance companies consider it a violation of the policy to park vehicles on the lawn of a home, because of the potential obstruction created for fire engines in an emergency. In addition, for zoning purposes, many townships and communities prohibit registered and unregistered vehicles being parked on lawns. These are excellent points to stress when informing the tenant that the violation must be rectified.

The LPA recommends using a Lease Violation Notice to instruct the tenant to comply with the parking requirements as stated in the lease agreement. Failure to comply will constitute a willful violation of the lease placing the rental account in "Eviction Status".

By enforcing the terms of your lease as soon as a violation is discovered, you will avoid allowing the problems to become a habit. You'll also limit the damage to your property.

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