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Late Rent Notice

Did the Tenant Forget to Pay the Rent?

This form is a friendly non-intimidating first notice to alert the tenant that the rent is late and that a late fee may also be due. This is not to be confused with The LPA Late Charge Due Notice, which is to help you collect the unpaid late fee after you have already received the rent. The Notice of Past Due Rent also provides a reminder for the late charge as well along with the daily late fees.

Some tenants may honestly forget their agreements in the lease and need to be reminded. Many tenants like to test the landlord, especially in the beginning of the lease term- just to see how far they can go. This is when we must be vigilant and notify the tenant immediately of overdue rent and the late penalty. It is very common for the tenant to pay the rent a few days late and conveniently forget the late charge. They may think that we'll conveniently forget also, or be embarrassed to ask about the late fee.

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