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Short on rent - Landlord Forum thread 129174

Short on rent by Bob G on November 30, 2000 @21:15

I had a tenant who would make certain improvements to the rental and then expect to take the cost off the rent. I didn't mind that much at first because he did things that I would have done. But he did not tell me until I got th rent - only minus the amount of repairs. It got to be a habit. The last straw was when he recarpeted the house and put on a new screen door! I told him that I did not agree to this, but he said "I'M sorry, but the money is already invested in YOUR house." I then found a good eviction lawyer and learned about how to get rid of a real smooth operator. BUT thats a whole 'nother story.
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Re: Short on rent by Dan R on November 30, 2000 @21:27 [ Reply ]
Thanks for sharing that story, Bob. I had a very similar thing happen to me. We have a tenant named Jack. Since he move in (June 2000) he has tried to get paid for every little thing he did. We gave in on some of the things in the beginning -like you did- because we really wanted to get off to a good start with him. He also bought carpeting. -For his daughter's room. Since we already gave him an allowance for it, he wanted more $ because we didn't cover him enough for the total expense. I said enough is enough. I told him that since he still has not painted as agreed (and paid for by us) in June, we can not give him any more money. Now it's time to go by the lease. From now on, I will be firm and not allow any unauthorized deductions. I like my new lease because it covers stuff like that.

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